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The most delicious city tours
are just a walk with us!
Enjoy a culinary journey through the city of Zurich
including the most famous Swiss dishes and facts about them
Appetizers Tour
Good afternoon tour

Cheese, beer and of course chocolate - you can taste all this and more on our brand-new good afternoon tour. In addition, you will learn a lot of exciting, funny and bizarre things about Zurich and life here from our friendly and great guides. Come with us on a culinary journey and discover our city in a different way.

CHF 99
per person
app. 3 hours
Happy Evening Tour
Our Happy Evening Tour

Take a platter of meat and cheese, add a variety of Swiss beers, mix in with a main course and a dessert, season with an entertaining tour through town and serve with many interesting accounts of typical Swiss drinks and dishes.

CHF 117
per person
6.30pm/ 3 hours English: daily
Chocolate Tour
Our Chocolate tour

Discover, taste and live the chocolatey side of Zurich. Our entertaining, tasty chocolate tour will show you first-hand how chocolate is made by a small chocolate producer – and allow you to enjoy various chocolate surprises, naturally.

CHF 99.-
per person
3:00 pm
2,5 to 3 hours